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ABBYY Translation Cloud

An Effective Solution for Corporate Translation Departments.

ABBYY Translation Cloud is an integrated information environment that allows you to manage the entire translation process and share information resources.

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About ABBYY Translation Cloud

Repository Features

Simply stated, the cloud is a centralized warehouse for all your projects and related items.

  • Dictionary entries are available to all authorized users at every stage of the translation process.
  • Repositories are securely separated between various corporate accounts.
  • Each corporate subscription allows several thematic repositories.
  • Translation Memory (TM) and related glossary for each project.
  • Advanced search in dictionaries, glossaries and single TM database via web-based interface.
  • Functionality and performance provides access to all client-involved employees, regardless of their location.
  • Creates orders for new translation projects.
  • Provides separate administrative rights for additions to glossaries and ТМ.
  • Client employees can participate directly during the translation process, as well as in the QA of previously published translations.
  • Controlled employee access based on client-approved logins via web-based interface.
  • Approved client employees can perform direct QA without approval from the ABBYY Language Services project manager.
Automated Features
  • Adds each completed translation to the centralized TM in real-time.
  • Factors in new terms/words/text added to TM when calculating the cost of subsequent translations.
  • Monitors all translation stages: Translation / Editing / Proofreading / LQA (Language Quality Assurance) as performed by various people.
  • KPI and Financial Indicators monitoring system.
  • Saves multiple document versions.
  • Defines and selects localized content in any language and in any application integrated via API.
  • Calculates the costs of translation of selected content to any language based on the accumulated ТМ.
  • Issues approvals in accordance with the client’s existing rules and procedures.
  • All documents are reviewed by our Quality Assurance System (QA).
  • Finished and approved text is exported to the corresponding pages of the site.
  • Works with multiple applications, especially machine translation (МТ) to ensure shared use of ТМ.
  • Compatible with ABBYY Lingvo.Pro Corporate System.
  • Compatible with Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Works seamlessly with the ABBYY Translation Portal.
Technical Specifications
  • SaaS
  • Availability of SOAP API.
  • Client-side applications may be used regardless of the platform.
  • The system can be deployed within the client's LAN on dedicated physical or virtual servers.
  • Supports combined implementation with an external circuit and fully secured internal circuit designed specifically for translating confidential information.
  • High reliability and fault tolerance; 24/7 automated multi-parameter system monitoring provides fast fixes in the event of an outage.
  • System performance guarantees operability with the ТМ and provides a minimum of 20 million sentences for each language pair.
Security and Confidentiality
  • Data encryption with automatic redaction of sensitive information in the original confidential texts before they are sent for translation.
  • Automatic assembly of translated text with the ability of consecutive editing and proofreading by your employees with appropriate clearance.
  • Secure https and VPN protocols.
  • System user authentication.
  • Client-approved distribution of user access rights.
  • Audit trail provides both history and statistics of document usage and access.
  • Separate and secure data storage for each client.
  • Two-circuit document system
    • the internal circuit is available only within the client LAN or VPN and is designed for working with confidential texts;
    • the external circuit receives only non-confidential or redacted texts.
  • Three-tier physical server room protection provides
    • power supply backup;
    • channel redundancy; and
    • data backup.
  • SLA.

The ABBYY Translation Cloud provides access to all your translation projects at any time from wherever you are.

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