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I would like to thank you for the excellent translation of our Facilitator’s Guide! It was a pleasant surprise for me, and I even had a feeling that the translation was made by somebody who has worked for IKEA and who knows our internal structure, our values, etc. So, please convey my personal thanks to those who made it.

Thank you,

Thank you for the translations. Quick and good service as usual!

Best regards,
C Technologies AB

On my behalf and on behalf of my co-worker for whom I ordered the translation, I would like to thank you again for meeting all our critical deadlines and for the excellent quality of the translation! Please, give our next order to the same people. Have a nice weekend!


Once again, thank you ever so much for the translation!!!
Indeed, you've helped us greatly!

Avon Beauty Products Company

Thank you for the efficient cooperation: everything went wonderfully and everybody at the meeting left satisfied.


You guys are very dedicated to our project. You guys are great. Thank you.
Feel free to charge us double for whatever words we sent you. We appreciate you doing this over the weekend.


You translate all our software and you are the only ones who took up the challenge of localization into 40 languages. Thank you! For us, localization proved to be the most unexpected of critical problems. We worked with three or four major companies, but despite the contracts we signed and the money we paid, they never came close to translating into the 40 languages we wanted. Your guys were the only ones who didn’t give up and went all the way.

LETA Group

Thank you very much for the quick support.

With best regards,
Siemens AG

Many thanks as always for the quick work!
My Spanish colleague today said, „very, very good translation”. I just wanted you to know that, thanks!
I read the ENG translation today and I think it is also very, very good.

ABBYY Europe GmbH

Let me thank you for your attention, accuracy, and the high standard of your work. I really liked the quality of your translation and I will certainly be sending you more texts. Special thanks to the Interpreting Department – Sergei is an absolutely wonderful simultaneous interpreter; he was such a great help to us! It was my pleasure to work with you. Thank you once again!


Thank you for your excellent and expedient work. You are very reliable.

Thank you and have a good day.
Arch Biocides

I would like to thank you so much for your assistance with the proofreading of our training materials! I know there were lots of corrections and that they were flooding in on you sporadically, but you did everything we needed, on time and at the highest standard. We delivered the training and received excellent feedback, including for the high quality of the materials, for which you must take full credit. At this stage, everything can be archived, but we will most likely return to this training next year, because we received feedback from the attendees and will be able to adapt the contents a little bit based on it. But this will only be next year. Happy holidays and thank you once again!


I admire your style of work: efficient, precise, with understanding and a nice attitude to the client. This I value. 
Please accept our thanks for your creative approach to work that is very important to us.

Rimis publishing house

How wonderful to have everything done so quickly! It is a sheer pleasure working with you!
And a special thanks to you for the text itself.

NTV Kino

We are very much pleased by the quality of your work. Please pass on our thanks to the translator for his responsible and painstaking work.
I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude!
Many, many thanks!


Allow me to thank you for the quality of your work on the following SAP orders... In these texts I made hardly any corrections and rarely consulted the English-language source, meaning that you have provided basically print-ready materials. Such high quality of work raises the effectiveness of the SAP marketing department.


Many thanks for the translation and for completing it on the same day as promised!
It’s a real pleasure working with people who stick to their word…

Taris Ltd

Today we have had an information day titled Integration of Management Systems with Production and Resource Management Systems of Enterprises. Your interpreter Svetlana Taskayeva provided linguistic support. 
I would like to express my gratitude to you and Svetlana for her professional work.
I hope this event will be one of our numerous successful joint projects to come.


On behalf of our company’s management, I would like to thank you for your flexibility, precision, and understanding.


I sincerely admire the entire sales support system in place at your company. Many functions were a first for me, especially in the way they are implemented on the site and how they function. It’s very pleasant to see such fine-tuned processes, with not only the product (translation) but also the entire interaction process at such a high level.
It’s a real pleasure working with your company.

BYSO Production studio

Thank you yet again!
Your client-oriented approach is something out of the ordinary. You don't see much of this nowadays!

Best wishes,

The pages have been checked by our professional translator. It is confirmed that your translation is very excellent and accurate.

Best Regards
Huidu Technology Co.

Thank you! Quality is great – we will continue working with you in the future.

Eastfield Group

Thank you very much! We appreciate it.
We’ll get in touch for other jobs, we hope to have them very soon.

Best regards,

We are very impressed by your fast delivery and great translations.

Project Finance

It is a pleasure working with you.
Very good feedback.

We are thankful for a professional translation of our site.
Now we would like to order a translation of a catalogue.

Seasafe Transport AS

I am pleased to share the first positive feedback about the product that we have recently made together with you – the corporate booklet for Avtomir.
On behalf of Avtomir and I personally would like to thank you and your colleagues once again for creating this material.
Thank you for your efforts and personal contribution to the development of our business!

With kind regards,

I just want to thank you and your team for a high quality translation of Readme 4.


Thank you for a good translation.
I hope you will keep up the good brand.
We will continue to cooperate.


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