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Software localization

Software developers in the US receive $19 of additional revenue for every $1 invested in localization.
— According to Localization Industry Standards Association.

Internationalization is crucial if you are looking for a global market.

ABBYY Language Services Software Localization does more than just translate words from one language to another; we make sure the meaning isn’t lost in translation.

Positioned at the junction point between linguistics and computer programming, localization requires the involvement of highly skilled professionals from both areas.

Software localization requires:

  • Localizability analysis
  • Multilingual project glossary creation
  • Interface and system message localization
  • Help file localization
  • All localized parts integration into a cohesive local version
  • Supporting marketing material localization
  • Complete linguistic and functional testing
  • Our 3-step quality checks for all of the project's appropriate parts

Controlling cost

Translation Memory technology for software localization saves client’s money. As each new version is released all localized resources are updated using the database and substantially reducing future translation costs. Moreover, we give the translation memory database to our customers free of charge at the end of the initial localization project.

Localization is project sensitive and costs are based on exactly what you need done. We provide an overall project estimate, as well as detailed cost estimates for each project stage.

ABBYY Language Services has extensive experience in software localization and a world-class team of localization experts.

A small sampling of our clients:

To initiate a localization project, or get free, detailed advice about software localization, call us.

Tel: + 1 856 782-8106
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