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Our Congratulations to Lingvo Cup 2012 Winners!

The Lingvo Cup 2012 is over. As a translation company, we were directly involved in the contest, having the privilege to assess 5,000 contest translations. We would like offer our heartfelt congratulations to the winners, wishing them the very best as they hone their skills in the noble field of international communications!

The winner of Lingvo Cup 2012

About Lingvo Cup
Lingvo Cup is an annual contest held by ABBYY. This year, 8,500 contestants from 45 countries, including the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Colombia, Cuba, Mozambique, and the UAE, as well as the CIS and Europe, competed for the Lingvo Cup and the grand prize – a trip to the country the language of which they are studying.

The contest was held in two stages. After the qualifying round on April 11 and 12 , 980 contestants made it to the final. On May 16, they competed for the Lingvo Cup. After the second round, the jury selected three winners and 27 laureates.

The award ceremony took place in the ArteFAQ Club on June 19. All finalists received software from ABBYY and prizes from the Cup sponsors.

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