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Translation Leader to Open Representative Office in Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan. January 24, 2012 — ABBYY Language Services, the leader on the CIS translation and localization market according to CSA, is opening a representative office in Kazakhstan.

Over the past years, Kazakhstan has been demonstrating very high rates of social and economic development, with an enormous number of foreign investors’ flocking and offices of the largest international companies opened all over the country. All this created a demand for high-quality and efficient communications with the global community.

ABBYY Language Services, a translation services provider within the ABBYY Group, has both the experience in providing linguistic support at the highest level and the in-house technology to optimize the translation process in companies with translation departments. ABBYY Language Services can analyze the quality of in-company linguistic processes and offer a solution to increase efficiency and improve translation performance. Our comprehensive approach involves a variety of practices, including introduction of terminology management and operational coordination systems, employee training in advanced translation technology, and continuous quality improvement.

Translation as such is another area of the company’s competence. ABBYY Language Services will provide its customers in Kazakhstan with the entire range of high-quality linguistic services such as translation/interpretation, over-the-phone interpretation, localization of marketing materials, websites, etc.

“The Kazakhstan market is poised to move to a totally new level: we are ready to bring in innovative ABBYY technology to enhance the performance of in-company translation teams,” said Roman Magdalenko, Head of ABBYY Language Services Representative Office in the Republic of Kazakhstan, commenting on the company's mission. “In addition to technology, we would like to offer the leading global companies an opportunity to get high quality translation into any foreign language through our services, which is something they are used to when working in Europe and the United States.”

ABBYY Language Services is a high-technology company providing a full range of linguistic services.
The core business of ABBYY Language Services is comprehensive linguistic support of corporate customers, as well as development and introduction of innovative linguistic services and technology.
ABBYY Language Services is part of the ABBYY Group, the leading global developer of optical recognition technology and linguistic software, including the most popular brands, such as Lingvo dictionaries and FineReader text recognition systems.
ABBYY is the only group of companies in Russia that leads the linguistic technology and services sectors at the same time.

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