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Nord Stream gas pipeline officially inaugurated
15,000 pages translated and more than 3,000 man-hours of interpreting performed in the past 5 years.

November 8, Lubmin, Germany. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel officially inaugurated the Nord Stream gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany under the Baltic Sea.

The total length of the Nord Stream is 1224 kilometers, making it the world’s longest offshore gas pipeline. The throughput capacity of the first line reaches 27.5 billion cubic meters of gas, and after commissioning of the second line, the project will reach its full capacity of 55 billion cubic meters.

ABBYY Language Services provides comprehensive language support for the Nord Stream project (Nord Stream AG) since 2006. In this period, we have translated more than 15,000 pages of technical documentation. These were primarily documents on oil, gas and construction, which implies a profound understanding of such complex areas and knowledge of the corresponding terminology. Along with translation, most of our projects have involved desktop publishing and layout of complex drawings and design documentation.

Since Nord Stream combined the efforts of many professionals from 20 countries, the key issue was to establish cooperative communication between them. In the years we have worked on this project, ABBYY Language Services has provided simultaneous and consecutive interpreting from English for more than 3000 hours of technical personnel training, testing and inspections on construction sites, as well as for negotiations, including those held outside Russia.

Since 2011, in addition to its other offerings, ABBYY Language Services provides Nord Stream AG with telephone interpreting (ABBYY RuPhone), ensuring 24/7 language support in Zug (Switzerland) and Saint-Petersburg (Russia). ruPhone facilitates the instant connection of an interpreter to any telephone conversation whenever it is needed.

Overall, since 2006, we have fulfilled more than 600 orders for translation and interpreting services, telephone interpreting, as well as desktop publishing, layout and printing.

We are happy to see this long-awaited commissioning of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and we are proud of our small but important contribution to this common victory.

Sources: Nord Stream AG official website>>
Russian President’s official website>>

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