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ABBYY Language Services is a partner of International Tourism Forum "Visit Russia"

October 20 – 21, Yaroslavl. ABBYY Language Services acted as a linguistic partner of the International Tourism Forum which was held on October 20 – 21 in Yaroslavl. The company provided interpretation of reports.

On the first day of the Forum, Ekaterina Solntseva, a Vice President of ABBYY headquarters, presented a project on providing comprehensive linguistic support aimed at increasing the attractiveness of Russia's tourist centers for foreign visitors.

Ivan Smolnikov, CEO of ABBYY Language Services, spoke at the presentation of "Integrated projects for regional tourism infrastructures and their potentialities." He delivered a detailed review of the Program of Linguistic Support which is now underway in Sochi.

A true barrier-free language environment will be created in Sochi within the context of the Program of Linguistic Support for the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014 which was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

In particular, there will be a multilingual Call Center, with the help of which every foreign visitor will be able to call a taxi, buy tickets, order food delivery, and call an ambulance or the police in a language that is familiar to him. In addition, travel guides, city maps, traffic plans, official websites, and audio guides are being localized, and the mobile application iSochi is under development.

Among the Company’s developments that have special significance for the tourism industry is the ruPhone service, which allows users to immediately plug an interpreter into any conversation, whether it takes place in-person or over the telephone. Using the ruPhone service, a tourist can call an interpreter, who will help him speak to a taxi driver, explain his concerns to a doctor or just assist conversation with native speakers of other languages.

About ABBYY Language Services
ABBYY Language Services is a professional and high-tech company offering a full range of language services. The principal activity of ABBYY Language Services is comprehensive linguistic services for corporate customers, as well as the development and implementation of innovative language services and technologies.

ABBYY Language Services performs multilingual translations and localization in more than 60 languages. ABBYY Language Services works in Russia under the following brand names: "" – online translation services; ABBYY Language by phone – remote language teaching services; ABBYY ruPhone – phone interpreting services. More than 1,500 companies worldwide are customers of ABBYY Language Services.

ABBYY Language Services is part of the ABBYY Group, a leading global software developer and provider of text recognition, document entry, linguistics and translation services. ABBYY is the only Russian group of companies which is a leader both in linguistic technologies and in language services.

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