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ABBYY Language Services takers part in Translation Forum Russia 2011

23-25 September, St. Petersburg. Elena Rembovskaya, Operations Director of ABBYY Language Services, took part in Translation Forum Russia 2011, the largest Russian conference for translators and interpreters, where she spoke about the importance of terminology work for translation quality.

“The truth is that even companies working in the same industry often have different terms for the same things, and this makes translators’ work much more difficult," says Elena Rembovskaya. “That is why correct terminology is one of the key translation challenges. It is crucial at the initial stage of any project, to study the documentation in detail and get the customer’s approval for certain terms used in his company. This is the only way to provide high quality translations.”

Translation Forum Russia 2011 is a traditional venue for industry leaders such as translation agencies, language software developers, freelance translators and interpreters, as well as their clients. They discuss the current situation in the translation industry at roundtables and workshops and take part in debates and presentations concerning project management, marketing, industry standards, legal framework, and customer relations.

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