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Presentation of the Sochi Language Services Program at the 10th International Forum “Sochi-2011”

Sochi, September 28, 2011 – the Sochi City Administration, MegaFon and ABBYY have announced they are starting to implement the Sochi Language Services Program. The Program includes a set of activities intended to make Sochi a pleasurable destination for foreigners.

At the 10th International Investment Forum “Sochi 2011”, the Sochi City Administration and the companies Megafon and ABBYY announced the beginning of the implementation of the Sochi Language Services Program. This Program was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation a month ago.

The main aim of the Program is to ensure the comfortable stay of foreign guests in Sochi and in other places on the way to their destinations, as well as to increase the attractiveness of tourism in the city and in Russia on the whole.

The presentation of the Program took place on Saturday, September 17. The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitry Kozak and the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov were present. During the presentation, the guests were able to personally review some elements of the Program in operation.

Megafon and ABBYY demonstrated the service “Telephone Interpreting”, one of the elements of the multilingual information call-centre, which will be launched in January 2012. The call-centre will work in eight languages that will be in demand during the Games, and it will provide the guests with any reference information, as well as perform translation between the guests and the local population (e.g. in a taxi, pharmacy, hospital, etc.). The program also includes translation of official web-sites, information leaflets, maps and guides, translation and standardization of signs and indicators, centralized translation of menus in restaurants and other necessary information materials.

During the presentation, the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov called a London hotel and talked with the booking service with the help of the service “Telephone Interpreting”.

After that, the capabilities of the mobile application iSochi developed by ABBYY were demonstrated, which is available for users of smartphones with iOS and Android platforms. This application enables users to easily access the services of the multilingual call-centre, such as reference, telephone interpreting, calling for a taxi and making emergency calls. Moreover, the application includes services ensuring a comfortable stay in the city, such as a map, facilities of the city, currency converter, weather forecast, etc. One will be able to buy some additional software for the application – dictionaries, phrasebooks, machine translator. In addition, the users will be able to order professional translation of a photographed text directly from their mobile phones.

In the opinion of the visitors and guests of the exhibition display, the Sochi Language Services Program has become one of the most important projects in preparation for the Games of 2014, and the unique experience and technologies of Megafon and ABBYY companies will ensure its successful implementation.

A number of reports and publications based on the presentation have been released that describe the forthcoming project. For example, video clips have been shown on channels “Russia 1” and Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Saint-Petersburg – 5th Channel”, and there have been publications in “RIA News” and other mass media.

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