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ABBYY Language Services launches phone interpretation service ABBYY ruPhone

ABBYY ruPhone allows for quick and easy connection of an interpreter to support phone and live conversations with foreign partners

Moscow, June 6, 2011 - ABBYY Language Services launches new ABBYY ruPhone service. It’s the first Russian service that allows for connection of an interpreter to a phone conversation during the phone call, without pre-booking.

The ABBYY ruPhone user can get access to interpretation services during the phone call in one of the following four languages: English, German, Chinese and Japanese. For this, ABBYY ruPhone holds an audio conference that brings together two conversation partners, who speak different languages, and an interpreter. Four more languages (Spanish, Italian, Korean and French) are available with pre-booking.

ABBYY ruPhone is equipped with automated call receipt and billing systems. The cost of the service is 75 rubles per minute, including the cost of intercity and international dialing. The service is charged on a per-minute basis after connection to the interpreter. Upon registration before June 10, 2011, every user gets 750 rubles in his/her account for interpreting of the first call. ABBYY ruPhone service is available via toll free number 8 (800) 100-85-95.

“With the help of state-of-the-art technologies, we have created a convenient and cost-effective service that can be used anytime and anywhere. ABBYY ruPhone customers can get access to professional interpreting by simply making a cell phone call. Now a live interpreter is really “in your pocket”, notes Ivan Smolnikov, CEO of ABBYY Language Services.

Learn more about ABBYY ruPhone and register to start using the service on

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