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06.10.2009 Day of Russian Economy

Day of Russian economy, that took place in Mannheim on September 30, 2009 raised enormous interest and attracted a large number of German enterprises. More than 150 people attended the event, including representatives of companies that have already established a business in Russia as well as those, who are considering such a move.

The topics of discussion covered a wide range of subjects: from the strategies of German companies in Russia in times of crisis to case studies of specific companies, which shared their experience of working in Russia. 14 speakers contributed to making the event informative, lively and interesting. The main ideas that were voiced by the majority of participants were that Russia is a very important strategic partner for Germany; that despite the crisis the Russian economy is offering good potential for developing business and that it is a good time to make use of the existing opportunities.

All the experts agreed that personal business relationships in Russia are of pivotal importance and that launching business means inevitably tackling the language barrier. According to statistics only about 5% of the Russian population speak English, so Russian is definitely a must when considering business opportunities in this region.

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