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11.09.2009 The Bigmir)net portal now hosts online professional translation services of ABBYY Language Services

ABBYY Language Services announces the beginning of cooperation with the Bigmir)net portal. Now Bigmir)net users can make use of services of real-time professional translation of texts at

With this service, users can obtain instant free costing and timing of the translation, place an order and pay for it directly on the website. You can order a translation of any volume and subject area, with the translation of a small text taking only a few hours. There is no minimum order charge for the service, which is especially important when translating small texts.

The text is processed immediately after the order is paid for, and the time of translation is determined only by the translator’s speed. The work of the online service is supported by about 400 professional translators, and translation into more than 40 European and Oriental languages is available.

About the Bigmir)net portal

Bigmir)net is a major Ukrainian portal combining sections for communication, entertainment, and a variety of offers and news. Bigmir)net consists of more than 30 constantly updated services such as news, mail, weather, photo albums, introduction service, fun, videos, horoscopes, shopping, finance, auctions, jobs, mobile, TV, etc. The unique monthly audience is more than 2.5 million people.

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