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08.06.2009 ABBYY Language Services joins the Eastern German Economy Committee

ABBYY Europe GmbH has become a member of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft

The Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations is a joint organisation of the leading associations representing Germany business. Members of the Eastern German Economy Committee include German companies represented in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, South-East Europe, the Baltic States, in the Caucasus and in Central Asia. The Eastern Committee sees its objective as lying in the development of economic relations between Germany and these regions by organizing seminars and visits of delegations, and also by giving information about the state of the markets in these countries.

ABBYY Language Services can help German companies establish contacts and enter Eastern European markets (primarily those of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), and assist Russian companies in entering the German market. ABBYY Language Services gives full linguistic support when establishing contacts with foreign partners, during business negotiations, opening representative offices abroad, etc. When you speak with foreign partners, it is very important to speak the language they understand and take into account their mentality. When you address a foreign audience through a company website or hold marketing campaigns, it is imperative to allow for the specific features of another culture and business style.

We see our task as stimulating the development of relations between Germany and Russia, so we consider it very important to simplify the communication process between business partners who speak different languages. Rendering information in another language requires consideration of the features of different cultures and ABBYY Language Services has a proven track record in adhering closely to this rule.

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