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28.02.2009 3rd International Europe-Ukraine Forum

On February 25-27, the 3rd International Europe-Ukraine Forum took place at the Ukrainian House in Kiev. It was mainly dedicated to finding ways out of the world financial and economic crisis for Ukraine and its European partners.

Over 400 participants attended the Forum, including Ukrainian government officials, representatives of the European Union and the European Parliament, as well as analysts, business people, and economists. The forum's participants included: Lech Walensa, former Polish president, Donald Jensen, representative of the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Boris Tarasyuk, Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament's European Integration Committee, and Petro Poroshenko, Parliament deputy, Chairman of the National Bank Supervisory Board.

The Forum's organizers, the International Charitable Foundation "United World" and the Institute for Eastern Studies (Poland), held a tender for the provision of linguistic services for the event at the highest international level. As a result of a long and complex competition, ABBYY Language Services won the tender. The tasks to be performed at the forum included simultaneous interpretation of all presentations into three languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian), consecutive interpretation into four languages (English, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian), as well as translation of forum reports.

ABBYY Language Services ensured linguistic support of the event to the highest professional standard and proved itself as a reliable partner of the forum's organizers.

The forum took place in several halls working simultaneously, in each of which specific fields were discussed, namely: energy, foreign policy, Ukraine-Russia relations, the economy, financial crisis, etc. Over 80 presenters spoke at the event, and their presentations were simultaneously interpreted into the forum's key languages.

All forum participants were satisfied with our work. Our cooperation and the professionalism of our interpreters and translators provided them with access to all information and ensured their trouble-free participation in all discussions and meetings.

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