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31.12.08. LISA publishes a research report on the Russian T&L market

LISA (The Localization Industry Standards Association) recently conducted large-scale research about the Russian translation and localization market. It is the first time that such a comprehensive report on the language services industry in Russia has been published.

Language support is one of the key factors for success when entering a new market. More and more international companies want to win Russian customers. To be successful, they must engage Russian language services providers for localization into Russian.

The report, Globalization Services in Russia: Market Assessment and Analysis, is based on interviews and surveys of more than 100 Russian and international companies. In addition to the analysis of the translation and localization market, the research also contains a chapter on language technology.

In the report, ABBYY Language Services (in Russia the company works under the local brand “”) is mentioned as one of the 5 largest, most well-known and successful language services providers (out of more than 800 companies existing in Russia).

It is noteworthy that this research was carried out by LISA, one of the leading international organizations in the field of localization.


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