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2012-09-08 ABBYY Language Services Interpreters at APEC 2012 Summit

2012-08-06 BroadVision Announces Availability of Clearvale in the Russian Language

2012-08-01 ABBYY is Joining Forces with Connective Language Services to Strengthen its Position in the US Translation and Localization Market

2012-06-26 ABBYY Won Absolute Brand 2012 Contest

2012-06-20 Our Congratulations to Lingvo Cup 2012 Winners!

2012-04-24 The reasons for becoming a Skolkovo resident, what we are developing and how our new product will help translators

2012-04-12 ABBYY Language Services becomes a Skolkovo resident

2012-03-27 Simultaneous interpreting for TAIEX workshop

2012-01-24 Translation Leader to Open Representative Office in Kazakhstan

2011-12-23 Happy holidays from ABBYY Language Services!

2011-12-08 Interpreting at a Russian-German technical workshop in MGSU

2011-11-08 Nord Stream gas pipeline officially inaugurated — 15,000 thousand pages translated and more than 3,000 man-hours of interpreting performed in the past 5 years

2011-11-07 Addressing the International Forum "Moscow Business Dialog of Shanghai Cooperation Organization"

2011-10-25 ABBYY Language Services featured in Global Watchtower, a Common Sense Advisory Blog

2011-10-20 ABBYY Language Services is a partner of International Tourism Forum "Visit Russia"

2011-10-14 ABBYY Language Services presented a program aimed at providing linguistic support for Universiade 2013 to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan

2011-09-30 ABBYY Language Services provided simultaneous interpretation during the ISDEF'2011 conference

2011-09-30 Happy Translator's Day!

2011-09-28 Presentation of the Sochi Linguistic Services Program at the 10th International Forum “Sochi-2011”

2011-09-25 ABBYY Language Services takes part in Translation Forum Russia 2011

2011-09-19 Sochi City Administration, MegaFon and ABBYY are Starting to Implement the Linguistic Services Program for Sochi

2011-09-19 ABBYY Language Services provided interpretation services for B2B talks at ITS Game 2011 in Moscow

2011-07-13 ABBYY Language Services will provide simultaneous interpretation for live broadcast of TED GLOBAL 2011 The Stuff of Life

2011-06-15 Online Service will Facilitate Communication in 60 Languages

2011-06-06 ABBYY Language Services launches phone interpretation service ABBYY ruPhone

2011-05-30 ABBYY Language Services took part in #SocialDev conference

2010-11-11 ABBYY Language Services translates into English the RUSSOFT annual report on the Russian IT Market

2010-06-10 10.06.2010 ABBYY Language Services reported on modern localization technologies at the ISDEF'2010 conference

2010-08-31 The Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) has published an interview with Ivan Smolnikov, CEO of ABBYY Language Services

2009-11-12 ABBYY Releases Efficient Software Solution to Reduce Translation Management Costs

2009-10-06 Day of Russian Economy

2009-09-11 The Bigmir)net portal now hosts online professional translation services of ABBYY Language Services

2009-09-07 Attention! Relocation of ABBYY Language Services on September, 7th!

2009-06-08 ABBYY Language Services joins the Eastern German Economy Committee

2009-02-28 3rd International Europe-Ukraine Forum

2009-01-02 From February works till 1:30 a.m. (10:30 p.m. GMT)!

2008-12-31 Our services are available during New Year Holidays!

2008-12-31 LISA publishes a research report on the Russian T&L market

2008-11-14 TCWorld Conference

2008-09-15 ABBYY Lingvo x3 professional translation service

2008-08-31 ABBYY Language Services Takes Part in the International Exhibition NEFTEGAS 2008

2008-07-02 ABBYY Language Services Registers Order № 10,000

2008-06-29 ABBYY Language Services Takes Part in the Localization World Berlin 2008 Conference

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