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Multimedia localization

Did you know that under a Catalan law, at least 50% of foreign films shown in cinemas must be dubbed into Catalan, not Spanish?

Scandinavians like to watch videos in their original language with native subtitles, while Russians prefer theirs to be fully dubbed by professional actors in Russian.

Local preferences and idiosyncrasies can’t be ignored when moving multimedia from one market to another; captions and background music must be scrutinized and tweaked or even replaced to assure your best chance at success.

We have a proven track record preparing corporate films and videos for local markets.

What we do:

  • Transcribe the audio track in writing; we are proficient in 60+ languages.
  • Localize the transcribed script based on the preferences and culture of the target market.
  • Adjust the video translation before dubbing to account for timing, etc.
  • Insert time codes, arrange lines by roles and match the translated text with the original timing.
  • Dub the sound track using professional announcers and actors, including the option to select a voice you like. You also have the choice of creating a completely new sound track or a “voice-over,” with the original sound muffled in the background.
  • Video sequence localization, which includes replacement of titles, inscriptions and subtitling.
  • Adjust/replace background music, captions, etc., as needed.
  • Adjust DVD authoring.

These are just some of our clients:

Lancome Kerastase Biotherm  

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