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Website translation and localization

International studies show that most users prefer to shop, play games and socialize online in their native language. "Site stickiness is doubled on sites written in visitors' own language - visitors stay for twice as long" — Forrester Research.

More than just translation
Localization, also known as "internationalization", is so much more than just website translation and no company is more aware of that than we are as we expand and develop our own websites for other countries.

Successful localization means translating not only your native language content into the target language, but also translating the intangibles — status, desirability, business philosophy, beliefs and values that draw people to buy from you and not from your competitor.

Done correctly, localization involves highly skilled professionals in both linguistics and computer programming. We utilize translators, editors, web designers, developers, testers and project managers to create a team especially for your project.

What we do

  • Extract the text from the content management system and strip the tags.
  • Compile a single glossary that encompasses all website pages and functional elements.
  • Initial translation by a native speaker knowledgeable in your industry and market.
  • Translate the text in graphics and redo flash intros.
  • Adapt your content to the cultural patterns of target markets and mindsets, including idiomatic language and slang where appropriate.
  • Localize the invisible part of your site, such as tags and captions, to reflect and match the visible localization.
  • Provide extensive linguistic and functional testing.
  • Wrap the entire project in our three-stage quality control system.

Guaranteed Success
ABBYY Language Services has extensive, wide-ranging experience in website localization and a professional team of experts with the ability to handle any project from the simplest to the most complex and technical.

ABBYY is the only group in Russia that leads in both the linguistic technology and the services sector.

A small sampling of our clients:

To initiate a localization project, or get free, detailed advice about website localization, call us.

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