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ABBYY Aligner 2.0

A powerful, user-friendly tool for creating parallel texts and Translation Memory.

ABBYY Aligner 2.0 is a professional tool used to create Translation Memory databases and to align parallel texts allowing you to increase the quality and speed of translation.

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Aligner 2.0’s high level of accuracy aligning parallel texts is the result of 20 years of internal linguistic research.

Aligner 2.0 processes parallel texts by using an efficient algorithm as opposed to automatic alignment based on the order of sentences in the text.

We created dictionary databases specifically for ABBYY Aligner 2.0 allowing the program to split the text into segments and match them in order, as well as comparing source and translated segments by checking them for semantic similarities. This significantly improves the quality of text alignment by correctly identifying matching segments.

Main Features of ABBYY Aligner 2.0

1. Aligns parallel texts
Processes 24 languages and works with any of 552 translation directions of the following languages:

English Chinese (Traditional) Slovak
Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Turkish
Hungarian Latvian Ukrainian
Dutch German Finnish
Greek Polish French
Danish Portuguese Czech
Spanish Romanian Swedish
Italian Russian Estonian

2. Batch mode file processing
Automatic processing where the program builds a document queue for large numbers of files and aligns texts without user interaction.

3. Simple, user-friendly interface
Intuitive interface accelerates productivity.

4. Compatible with most formats
Use with open standard text file formats, documents created in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power Point) or just copy and paste your text into Aligner’s editor window.

5. Saving results in Translation Memory format (TMX 1.4b) and RTF
The majority of Translation Memory systems support the international TMX (Translation Memory exchange format). By saving your aligned texts in TMX format you can use it in various applications, such as CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools.

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